So far I have exhibited in a few student shows, my biggest exhibition was Marygrove Art Department’s 2010 Degree Show. The show ran from April 25 – May 16, 2010. My art was exhibited alongside fellow senior students Bryant Robertson and Aisha Scott. Below is a batch of photos of my exhibition room and pieces as they were showcased.


The Gallery at Marygrove: Senior Art Exhibition

The GalleryThe GalleryThe Gallery Room (May 2010).   Exhibition EntranceExhibition EntranceEntrance to my exhibition pieces.

HairHairThe collective pieces representing the confidence my hair inspires (May 2010). MixedMixedA collection of photos and small screenprints that showcases how the different theme elements tie together (May 2010). SpeechSpeechThe collective pieces representing my speech insecurities (May 2010). HearingHearingThe collective pieces representing my hearing insecurities (May 2010).

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