Wedding Photo Edits

In Fall of 2014, I served as an assistant photographer for BKR Photography as a result I helped shoot a few events. The lead photographer (and owner) Bryant granted me permission to use and edit some of my raw images that I photographed as his assistant. Last week I went through and edited some of my best shots.

The photos below are from two different weddings and these are just a few of my favorites. Also you can see more on my flickr page.


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Art Challenge

I issued a challenge to myself to create art every day for a year starting today. Since 2016 will be a Leap Year, that means there will be 366 days until March 29, 2016. My goal is to spend a minimum of 15 minutes everyday working on some form of art work: photography, photo editing, illustrating, sketching, Photoshop manipulations, etc. Hopefully this will help sharpen my skills in relation to graphic design and photography and expand my body of work. By allowing myself a minimum of 15 minutes, I can focus more on creating than worrying about perfection.


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Coming Soon

I recently decided to revamp my portfolio and I am excited to announce I expect to include an active blog. My future articles and posts will be mostly surrounding photography and design. I plan to provide tips, tutorials and a look into my artistic process. Currently writing several posts that I hope to have reviewed by an editor soon.

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